15 Questions Trustees should ask


This 15-questions check-list is produced by the Charity Commission: it helps charities of any size to ask relevant questions when reviewing the way the charity operates. This may be informal discussions or items on the agenda at trustee meetings, AGMs, away-days or planning meetings.

Some questions may not be relevant to your charity. These help you as a Trustee to have a structured discussion on important aspects of the charity and therefore develop any action plan needed and respond to any risk appropriately.

  1. Are we financially strong enough to continue to provide services for our beneficiaries?
  2. Have we reviewed any contracts to deliver public services?
  3. Do we have adequate safeguards in place to prevent fraud?
  4. What is our policy on reserves?
  5. Have we reviewed our contractual commitments?
  6. Do we know what impact the social and/or economic climate is having on our donors and support for our charity?
  7. Are we an effective trustee body?
  8. Are we making the best use we can of our property?
  9. Are we making the best use of the financial benefits we have as a charity?
  10. Are we making the best use of our staff and volunteers?
  11. If we have a pension scheme, have it reviewed it recently?
  12. How can we make best use of any permanent endowment investments we hold?
  13. Have we considered collaborating with other charities?
  14. What effect is the current economic climate having on our charity and its activities?
  15. Are we satisfied with our banking arrangements and our current and future investment policy?

Source: Charity Commission for England and Wales