Companion to Volunteering


Good practice guide for volunteers and volunteer managers by Jewish Volunteering Network and Strengthening Faiths Institutions.

This Companion is chiefly designed to help faith groups, places of worship and other small organisations, often without charity status, to achieve sustainable volunteering-based programmes within their walls and to ensure transparency, professionalism and clarity surrounding the roles and responsibilities of both volunteers and those who manage them (where such people exist).

In this Companion, you will find guidelines for good practice on the part of both parties. You will also find brief notes about the policies and procedures we would advise are put in place to cover legal and other requirements. They may not all be legally compulsory for all organisations, but it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

The original version of this Companion was written with the Jewish community in mind. This edition differs in that the first half is intended for volunteers ‘of faith’ – that is, volunteers who subscribe to any faith – and the second half is intended for all UK organisations. It will draw on universally held values to support its conclusions.