Faith In First Aid


Faith institutions such as Mosques, Gurdwaras, Churches, Synagogues and Temples  play a fundamental role in the learning and development about one’s faith particularly for young children. Often, particularly within smaller faith centres, where worshippers and staff tend to be neighbours,  there is a sense of an implied trust without the need for serious and professional training and upskilling regarding welfare and safeguarding.

However, faith centres are obligated to provide health and safety for all members physical wellbeing and needs, just as much they are responsible for catering to their spiritual needs.

This includes legal procedures such as teachers and those working with children to undergo DBS checks, to matters relating to physical health. Many children who attend Madrassah, and worshipers at ritual prayers could unexpectedly suffer from medical conditions such as Asthma, while many elderly worshipers may be at risk of respiratory and heart disease, strokes, collapsing. In these situations, the faith institution is responsible for providing care. Though places of worship may rely on phoning an ambulance or think to immediately provide water without realising providing water to someone who has collapsed does more damage or that the precious  time before the ambulance arrives is crucial to the survival of the individual.

Waheed Hussain who has been a paramedic in the ambulance service for the past 18 years, founded CodeRed Paramedical to provide certified First Aid training to faith organisations. He found situations where a Mosque required an ambulance immediately but could not do anything to help the patient in the meantime. CodeRed  aims to instill worshipers and those working in the Mosque with necessary first aid training because of the Mosques’ responsibilities for the welfare and safeguarding of the community. Alongside providing comprehensive, fully certified  first aid training, Waheed also provides certified health and safety training.

CodeRed Paramedical also equips places of worship  with essential forms, such as the official medical  forms for children who attend the Madrassah, which record the  correct procedure for medication and anything they may require e.g. epi pen, asthma pump, etc.

There’s more to first aid training then  just setting out your first aid kit, faith centres also  require training in how to fill out an accident book, how to inform parents of accidents with their children, and the importance and legal requirements of processes such as accident books and how to treat injuries by being wary of relevant sensitivities.

Ensuring that faith institutions complete this training, sets a precedent for the importance of health and safety by creating a membership that is aware of potential issues and able to act quickly and effectively in case of injury or accident.  

Unfortunately, too often faith institutions invest in their buildings before considering these  vital safety measures for those who pray within those buildings. First aid training is an investment in the community and  institution.  Indeed, businesses who assist in the infrastructure and interior of faith centres recognise this too – as businesses like Al Murad Tiles collaborate with CodeRed Paramedics.

The next CodeRed Paramedical First Aid training will take place in Barking, London at the Essex Islamic Academy on the 23rd-24th July. This will be provide certified  First Aid and Health and Safety Training.  For more information about the course, or to register your interest, contact: or call Natan at 07590 028 823. 

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