Madrassatul Noor of Leicester earns OCN certification for its teachers with the support of SFI


Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI) celebrated the achievements of the Madrassatul Noor teachers. For some of them this is the first time they are attending a forum where they could openly discuss their challenges. For some, this is the first recognised / accredited certificate they have achieved and for a course they did in English. We have had teachers who learnt about lesson planning for the first time and for some they did not understand the importance of having a curriculum.

When we come together to celebrate after going through 10/12 weeks of intensive sessions with them these events are a reason to come together and recognise the hard work. On the part of teachers as well us as trainers.

The Leicester event on Friday 6th of July was very simple but was organised well with a lot of warmth and good Zanzibari food. They served many dishes that were traditional and since two of the teachers were of Portuguese background they also brought their cuisine for this event. They were sincerely grateful for what we had offered and acknowledged that without this project they would not have afforded this course or carried out any improvements in their Madrasah.