Bradford Supplementary School Conference


The biggest supplementary schools conference was organised on the 1 st December 2018, by Bradford Council in partnership with Strengthening Faith Institutions, Bradford Safeguarding Board
and Bradford Council of Mosques. The event was attended by nearly 400 people from different faiths. The conference was addressed by a number of high profiled speakers including
Councillor Adrian Farley, Dr Anthony Thorpe from the University of Roehampton, Mustafa Field MBE, Director of Faiths Forum for London, Lin Ashby from the Charities Commission and Helen Gazzola from NSPCC.

The speakers stressed the importance of strengthening the institutions using the services available to them, to ensure that they are building on the good work they are doing.  A session on child protection was led by Muzahid Khan and Fakrul Choudhury, consultants from the Strengthening Faith Institutions programme which was attended by more than 200 participants,
showing the overwhelming desire for the people to learn more and implement child protection policies and training into their organisations.

A further workshop was delivered by the SFI consultants on managing supplementary schools effectively again attend by around 160 people, showing once again the importance of managing faith institutions using the management tools available. The consultants talked about having a long term vision with practical objectives, policies, training in place to deliver world class services to the user groups. Those who took part in the conference and in the workshops commented on how beneficial it has been and they wish to continue receive the services of SFI in Bradford.