Leadership and Personal Development Programme


Strengthening Faith Institutions and the Mosques and Imam National Advisory Board (MINAB) have collaborated to organise a personal leadership and development accredited course by the Institute of Leadership Management. The two day course is facilitated by Dr. Sarfraz Jerjaj a clinical psychologist and lecturer at Surrey University; the course covers leadership theory, personal reflection techniques, emotional intelligence and includes the official Meyers Briggs personality self-assessment. 

The course seeks to empower grass root community leaders and to equip them with the knowledge to uphold strong leadership qualities. On 15th and 16th December, the course ran in London, which included Muslim leaders from different backgrounds, as well as senior Imams from local Mosques from East and West London.

On 2nd and 3rd February, the course ran in Birmingham with over twenty participants, this included members from the Shia community, Muslim converts, young professionals, head teachers and local Imams who all invested in their development. It was also great to see that the majority of the attendees were female community leaders, who worked as volunteers at charities or in their local Mosques. 

Feedback from the group was excellent with thirteen participants rating the experience 9/10 or above. 

“Really worth the time and process, it’s a course not worth missing especially if you struggle with certain leadership attributes.”

“I found this experience to be very useful and helpful in terms of my development and finding myself in a much better form.”