SFI Peterborough Launch


On Sunday 24th March 2019, Faith leaders and trustees from Mosques, Churches and Gurdwaras came together at the Allama Iqbal Community Centre in Peterborough to receive essential training and support in safeguarding and compliance at SFI’s regional symposium.  The Charity Commission were also in attendance  to help faith institutions register as charities.

The training and support is part of the launch of SFI in Peterborough, and represented the first of a series of regular training and qualification courses for faith groups in the area. The introductory events were be led by SFI’s expert trainers including Fakrul Choudhary and Javed Bashir.

Peterborough was identified as an area with a low level of integration and social mixing in the Government’s Integrated Communities Strategy, and was selected as one of the first five ‘Integration Areas’ where bespoke integration strategies are being developed to take actions to address the challenges specific to the area.

Rabbi Natan Levy, Head of Operations at SFI said:

“SFI is honoured to support the Churches, Mosques, Gurdwaras, Hindu Temples and Synagogues of Peterborough.”

“These faith institutions provide key support both for their members and the wider community. SFI is working together with the Peterborough City Council and local faith leaders  to create an interlinked and sustainable network to support faith centres reach their goals.”

Councillor Ansar Ali said:

“I am delighted to be hosting this Launch Event in Peterborough, on the important area of Safeguarding, working in partnership with Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI), for all our diverse communities.”

“I would urge all organisations involved in working with children and other vulnerable members of our communities to attend and find out how they can be supported in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities”.