SFI and Charity Commission Team Visit Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara


SFI and the Charity Commission Outreach team didn’t need another excuse to come to Doncaster, but following the warm welcome from the Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Gurdwara the team’s admiration for the interfaith work within the city heightened. Resilience and community strength are certainty qualities exhibited by this faith institution, following last year’s awful hate crime incident – arsonists scorching the temple, causing £300,000 worth of damage. Within the last year, an incredible rebuild has taken place, however, the center’s security still remains a concern. 

Whilst the Charity Commission is working with the Gurdwara to support with their charity registration, SFI ran a training for safety and security. To prevent any further attacks on the faith institution, a workshop took place to show the Gurdwara how to apply for the Pow Protective Security Application Scheme (link here to find out more). The training was a huge success attracting Gurdwara Trustees from across the country. The event hosted 50 attendees, promoting safety and security, tackling hate crime and religious vulnerability across the country.