The Ultimate Guide to Payroll for Charities


Do you need some guidance for managing the payroll in your charity? FMP Global have recently released the ‘Ultimate Guide to Payroll for Charities’, providing information regarding processing payroll, different payroll management options and common charity-specific payroll issues. The short guide is free, easy to download and could act as an excellent resource for those charities which are expanding and in need of some guidance for paying their employees.

Given the new General Data Protection Regulation rules and standards, this step-by-step guide also provides a checklist for GDPR compliancy which charities need to be aware of.

As GDPR rules and standards are continuously evolving, it is important for charities to be aware of how to securely store, access and provide different types of data.

As this guide is charity-specific, this resource provides guidance on issues including risks from fraud as well as the complexity in classifying different employees. In many cases, volunteers may be classed as employees if they get any payment, paid expenses or the promise of paid work in the future. It is important that charities are aware of this to prevent breaking any laws or legislations.

This guide is useful for those who have never enrolled for the PAYE system with HMRC, as well as charities with a more established payroll system, looking for greater guidance on issues including GDPR, fraud, employee classification and payroll management options.

If you’re involved in a charity, click here to take advantage of this free resource today.