Safety and Security Training at Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara


Hardish Kaur, workshop participant: “Clear and effective training with Good awareness of broader security issues.”

Following an awful hate crime incident at a Gurdwara in Nottingham involving a “pigs head thrown into their foyer”, Touch Stone Security in partnership with SFI were asked to deliver a safety and security workshop. The training (given in Punjabi) aimed at assisting the Gurdwara in dealing with hate crime, and helping to secure the faith institute, preventing similar acts of hatred and violence taking place. 

Workshop participant, Paramjit Saimbi described the training as “very informative and made us aware in Panjabi of the importance to have a security in our Gurdwara Sahib”. After the workshop, a representative of the National Sikh Police Association branded the training as “very bespoke and relevant”. The strong and positive participant feedback highlighted the effectiveness of the training, ensuring faith representatives feel safer within their places of worship. Speaking about the content of the workshop, Gurmit Kaur MBE stated, “The trainers were able to deliver the workshop in Panjabi and explained the difference between evacuation and invacuation, everyone listened intently”. Your safety should always be a priority. It certainly is at SFI.