Free Fire Risk Assessment for your Faith Institution


SFI can now offer a fire risk assessment for your Faith Institution for free.  It is the moral and legal duty of all faith organisations to  take all necessary actions to protect the life of all those who visit a place of worship from fire.

To fulfill these moral and legal duties, a fire risk assessment is the first step to identify what needs to be done to protect life and property from fire. SFI offers our members help with fire risk assessments. Following the assessment, we provide a report that contains a prioritised action plan showing clearly what steps your faith centre needs to complete to comply with the current legal codes.The fire risk assessment will be carried out by Shakil Ahmed, who has been trained by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for completing fire risk assessments.

”Shakil Ahmed Khan recently completed a fire risk assessment with us for our organisation (N.B.I.C.C). It was done thoroughly and professionally.  He prepared a detailed report and provided that to us within a reasonable time. The report included a full action plan showing priorities for us. We recommend all faith organisations to take advantage of this from the SFI.” North Brixton Islamic Cultural Centre

To find out more information or to apply for a fire assessment, please email