Security Training w/ Ramgharia Gurdwara (Bradford)


Our ongoing safety and security training tour with Gurdwaras across the country continues!

Established in the 1980s, Ramgharia Gurdwara remains an integral part of the Bradford community. On August 18th TOUCHSTONE SECURITY SOLUTIONS LTD in partnership with City Sikhs ran a security and safety training workshop. The workshop was a huge success. In the past, Ramgharia Gurdwara has pursued fantastic initiatives to improve the information and support to dementia suffers and their families, as well as encouraging members of the Bradford community to cycle. Unfortunately, Faith Institutions similar to Ramgharia Gurdwara aiming to pursue inspirational initiatives that enhance the welfare of our society may still be vulnerable to hate crime. Take action to prevent hate crime near your Faith Institution by contacting SFI now.