Accredited Teacher Training Awards, Manchester


Supplementary schools offer this range of educational support (language, core curriculum, faith and culture) outside the school day and within the context of a specific ethnic, national, faith or physical community. They are established and managed by community members, generally on a voluntary basis. As community-based organisations they act as crucial information and advocacy points for adults as well as children. There are 3,000-5,000 such schools in England.

On Sunday 24th November, The OCN Accredited Teacher Awards was held in Manchester, at Khizra Masjid. All the supplementary school teachers who have completed the course were celebrated with an awards ceremony for their achievements within their local community and beyond. The training helps teachers better understand how to support children’s welfare needs, how to plan an effective lesson and use resources to enhance learning, understand the different ways in which we learn and strategies to support learners and understand the roles and responsibilities of teachers within a safe learning environment.