Safeguarding Conference, Bradford


More than 350 delegates from Bradford’s faith groups, supplementary schools and out of school settings attended the Safeguarding Conference on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at the University of Bradford. 

The conference organised by the Strengthening Faith Institutions in partnership with Bradford Council and Bradford Council for Mosque is a start of conversation that helps people understand the importance of safeguarding and child protection so that they improve their safeguarding practice and protect children from any form of abuse. 

Faith communities, Churches, Mosques, Temples, Gurdwaras and Synagogues all play a vital role in the lives of many children and young people in the district and have a big part to play in keeping people of all ages protected and safe.

The conference focused on three elements:

  • Getting the foundations right so that organisation have good and well understood policies and procedures in place
  • Creating clear leadership and governance structures so that everyone connected to their communities knows who to go to for help
  • Ensuring staff and volunteers are trained and confident, so that they understand what to be aware of and how to respond to concerns or issues

The conference offered eight workshops:

  • Child Protection
  • Internet Safety
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Dealing with radicalisation and extremism
  • Registering as a charity
  • Strengthening Faith Institutions
  • Registering Our Marriage
  • Dealing with bullying

People who contribute to the life of faith-based communities and places of worship have an important role to play in keeping people safe. They often supplement children’s education and can play a vital role in responding compassionately when someone comes forward to disclose a concern. This conference is about working together to strengthen leadership, procedures, skills and practice to create safer communities of faith.

Some of the comments from participants:

‘Thank you for organising such a usual event’, Sukhdev Sigh, Ramgharia Gurdwara

‘It was great event and fantastic help thanks again’, Molana Mohammed Siraj, Masjid Quba

‘Thank you Javed for all your hard work.  It was very beneficial to all the people who attended.  Thank you’. Dr Khalid Khalil, Bradford Arabic School

‘Thanks for the great efforts you do’. Abdul Sammi, Masjid Doha

‘Huge well done Javed Bashir for organising such an amazing well needed conference in Bradford. It’s a fantastic turnout’ Councillor Fozia Shaheen.

‘Congratulations Javed Bashir for such a superb event. Thanks once again for inviting my campaign Register Our Marriage (ROM) to be a part of this safeguarding initiative’ Aina Khan, ROM.

‘Brilliant to see! Overdue in some ways and I say that with all due respect for you doing it now, credit where it is due. But it is taking a long time for our communities to wake up to some glaring omissions and missing links. Thankfully it is happening, slow but steady now I hope. Well done. Not easy work but so necessary’, Julie Siddiqi.

‘Well done for organising a great event which is very much needed’, Shahda Khan, Middlesbrough Council