Bradford’s Teacher Awards


The aim of the Accredited by the Open College Network (OCN) training is to provide an overview of the education system and how supplementary schools contribute to child development.

This training is delivered by two facilitators, Farooq Mulla, an Imam and a qualified Quality Framework Assessor for supplementary schools. He has served as the secretary for Mosque and Community Affairs within the community and is a member of the steering committee for Mosques and Imam National Advisory Board (MINAB).

Sarvat Ujra Mulla has an MA in Islamic Studies and a PG Cert in Islamic Education. She is a Muslim supplementary school teacher for 10 years. She is qualified to teach the Effective Teaching Skills course and works for the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) in collaboration with Darul Arqam Education and Training Centre and so far trained more than 250 teachers.

On Sunday 8th December, Bradford celebrated the achievements of teacher excellence, for all those who have completed the course.