The Mosques and Imams Advisory Board #MosquesLeadership2020


The programme is designed for those who aspire to be sector leaders in the 2020s, and who want to take a considered and inclusive approach. You might be an emerging leader, a manager in charge of a team, or an on the Mosque committee.

The programme will enable participants to ensure they are familiar with legal structures, and what the current best practice in terms of governance structures for Mosques (in terms of asset management, registration etc).

The programme will also familiarise participants with current policies to ensure institutions are familiar with governance standards, this will include strengthening safeguarding (Department of Education Out Of School Setting Framework, developing and enhancing harassment, whistle blowing policies and procedures. The programme will introduce how we can digitalise our Mosques with online tools and technological innovations. 

This event aims to enhance the capacity and competencies to enable our institutions to be run more effectively and to manage risks in and around the mosques.

The aim is to ensure that the charity governance structures are effective and fit for the purpose of the institution in order to enable the community and the trustees to fulfil their duties effectively.

Please note that the event will be held in Manchester.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided during the event.

The event program and the details of the venue will be sent upon registration.