Moseley community coming together to celebrate Ramadan


It’s that time of the year again when Moseley folks come together to share the delights of iftar (breaking the fast) with their Muslim neighbours. This year it will be on Friday 15th May at 8:15 pm to 9:00 pm. 

Due to restrictions on gatherings, a free dinner pack will be delivered to all guests from B13 postcodes who register online at Tickets are free but limited. The event will be via Zoom and a link will be sent to those who register.

This year we are delighted to also have a poster competition for children of all ages. Children may choose any of these themes: community, compassion, sharing and respect. A community radio, Unity FM 93.5 is sponsoring the five prizes worth £100 for the competition.

In its third year, this event is bringing more people and organisations together to share laughter, knowledge, spirituality and, of course, the delights of traditional food! In addition to Strengthening Faith Institutions (SFI), This year St Mary and St Anne Churches in Moseley, Near Neighbours, Moseley Community Development Trust, Moseley Together, UK Islamic Mission Moseley and local residents are part of the effort to have this event.

SFI Regional Coordinator, Shakil Ahmed Khan, who is leading the team organising this community event said: “Despite the physical distancing, the current lockdown can’t keep our hearts and souls apart. On the contrary, it is bringing people closer in so many ways and healing the wounds of pollution, waste and unbridled materialism. We believe that’s what makes us a ‘community’ – living in harmony despite the different identities we hold. We have so much in common as children of Adam and Eve (as some of us believe) with human values we all believe in such as compassion, kindness, integrity, sharing, helping the needy and standing up for justice and truth.

Ramadan, the month of fasting, reminds us of all that. Let’s keep this spirit of ‘community and compassion’ alive every day of the year and smile more, share more and respect more.”

Reverend Duncan Strathie, vicar of St Mary and St Anne Churches in Moseley, said, “coming together for religious traditions regardless of your faith, helps educate people to respect differences. Although it is a Muslim celebration, the church will do what it can to promote community engagement.”