SFI update for Faith Based Out of School settings from 5 November 2020


Starting from November 5 new guidelines are in place for Faith based Out of School Settings like Madrasahs, Yeshivas and Sunday Schools. Click HERE for the full Government Guidelines.

In light of these guidelines, we recommend that every Out of School Settings considers the serious health-risks to the wider community and ideally moves to an online platform for the students during the current lockdown.

SFI can work with any Faith-Based Out of School Settings to build and support online classrooms. HOWEVER, the guidelines state that Out of school settings can only remain open to:

  • Provide registered childcare
  • Where this is reasonably necessary to enable a parent or carer to work or search
    for work or undertake training or education
  • For respite care, including for vulnerable children.

In each of these cases of remaining open, the Out of School Settings MUST have:

1. Fully compliant, up-to-date, and robust Risk Assessment.

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2. Safeguarding Lead Training

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3. If the OOSS is supporting parents who work, etc, they should also request a letter signed by the parent/carer stating that they, or their partner, are either working, looking for work, in training, or education, during the time when their child is attending the Out of School Settings.

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For further information, to sign-up for Safeguarding Courses, online classroom training, or request a site-visit from an SFI consultant, please email natan@sfitogether.org or call 07590 028 823.