Your Faith Institution can become a vaccine centre with the NHS


The NHS is keen to expand the number and type of vaccination locations across the country to support delivery of the vaccination programme.

Places of worship, alongside other new sites, are being considered provided they can meet certain criteria.

NHSE/I undertakes an assessment of all potential sites which may be considered under the Vaccinations programme. This will include size, location, availability, suitability and will include an assessment around accessibility (aligned to the Equality Act 2010). Where there are running costs to be incurred, the site will also be subject to a value for money
assessment. Sites will be secured under formal lease or licence.

Should venue owners have sites which they may wish to put forward for use by the
Programme, submissions may be made to the National team and in conjunction with
regional and local teams, an assessment of the offer will be made.

As a minimum, the venues should be:
• Accessible
• Available on exclusive use through the period of the Programme (currently assuming
leases to September 2021)
• Able to provide at least c350sqm plus staff/public facilities (ideally, ground floor),
with parking on site or close by.
• Able to provide separate entrance & exit points to assist with social distancing and
support a natural flow of patients through the building to comply with social
distancing guidance.
• Wifi enabled – the site will need appropriate wifi connectivity depending on the use of
the venue
• Well ventilated
• Accessible via local transport or in the local community

The NHS can fully kit the sites in terms of clinical and non-clinical equipment. All sites will be assessed on their ability to provide three key areas:

1. Arrival and check-in
2. Clinical assessment
3. Delivery of vaccination

There are minimum space requirements for each area. However, there is a degree of flexibility in the configuration. For example, re purposing large venues (sport stadiums, conference centres etc.) could potentially house the entire end to end user journey in a single room. Alternatively, smaller venues might find it better to carve out distinct areas in to separate rooms.

If you own a venue that meets the requirements above which you would like to put forward as a vaccination location, please email with the subject line: POW Vaccination site query.

We will share your details with the NHS who will contact you accordingly.