Covid-19 Compliance Officer Training for Places of Worship


Whilst we remain in a national lockdown, faith centres must comply with the latest governmental guidelines for limited opening.

The Level 2 Faith Institutions Covid-19 Compliance Officer Course is designed for Lead Worker Representatives, Managers and COVID-19 Compliance Officers who require the knowledge and skills to design and implement their Return to Work Plans including hygiene and respiratory arrangements, social distancing, close working, PPE and First Aid.

The course gives an overview of the Return to Work Safely Protocol guidance document issued by the Government. This sets out how to identify requirements, plan and implement processes and monitor adherence to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and management of a suspected case.

This certification is aimed at anyone working in any faith institute, supplementary school or out-of-school setting to develop their underpinning knowledge of how to prevent and control the spread of infection in their workplace.

How long will it take?

The cumulative time for this qualification is 1.5 hours of direct training, with a further online work assessment accredited by HIGHFIELDS QUALIFICATIONS that takes approximately 1-2 hours, that learners can complete at their own schedule.

Learners gaining this qualification will understand common infections, the importance of correct hand washing procedures for infection prevention and control, the principles of personal protective equipment, waste management procedures and the associated risk and roles and responsibilities in preventing infection.

Friday 23rd April at 10am to 11:30am.

Register on Zoom HERE.

Registration fee £10.00 per learner

For more information email